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Construction contracting has formed the main business activity of the group since its early days of establishment.  The construction arm of İDA GROUP has accumulated substantial know-how in hospitality/ residential/ educational projects with high end finishing quality. We have a unique experience of cooperation with and understanding of leading real estate developers, international hospitality operators, renowned retailers and educational bodies.

Our track record helped us gain experience to interpret the technical challenges, operational & budget concerns of the Clients, and take a proactive approach on alternative solutions. We are proud to have the technical capability to communicate directly with Client’s international designer and consultants, as well as their project management companies, for technical, contractual and managerial alternatives leading to the most efficient and profitable product.

İDA has undersigned projects with most contemporary materials such as ETFE, and building technologies such as Schueco CTB system, which differentiates us from the conventional contractor pack. We are taking the same approach with green building technologies and making this our prior goal to become competent in this sector. We understand your business as well as you do, and believe construction is never only concrete, steel and glass. With us you can rest assured  to have a reliable partner who perfectly understands that a late hotel opening means lost opportunity revenue, and there is no such thing as a late opening school.