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İDA Group

 İDA is a Group of Companies, established to pursue the goal of creating added value in construction contracting and real estate development.  To excel in its core business, and to be able to offer a variety of services that contribute to creating added value,  İDA Group is structured in a way that is capable of undertaking the most demanding contracts that require complex inter-discipline interactions, sophisticated procurement and engineering methods, as well as challenging budget, schedule and quality constraints.

İDA Group consists of four business lines, Construction, Electric and Real Estate Development. Using a combination of goods and services from these lines, the Group is able to tailor and customize its services to perfectly meet the Client expectations. Any Client, whether seeking a single point of contact for a vast amount of scope, or looking to break down the scope of works for savings; could be as equally and perfectly served by the Group, an achievement we are so proud of.

At present İDA Group focuses on three key locations, Republic of Kazakhstan, Russian Federation and Turkey, however the Group is fast, flexible and mobile, seeking growth in other suitable areas that offer opportunities.

Having a core team of experienced, multi-lingual and talented construction professionals, the Group perfectly maintains the balance between budget, schedule and quality, implementing the up to date project management applications and HSE principles.