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Quality Control

İDA Group is fully committed to provide the Client a final product that complies with project specific quality parameters, local and international quality standards in effect and finally its own quality norms and criteria.

To able to pursue the best outcomes, the company has implemented an efficient and manageable QA QC system. As per this system, each project team member has predefined roles to contribute to the total quality understanding of the firm.

The system principally focuses on strict control and quality assurance of three main fields plus supplementary processes as:

Quality Control/ Testing of:

1. Materials
2. Workmanship (Executors)
3. Processes (Execution)

The supplementary processes
1. Adequate follow up
2. Constant and repeated training
3. Positive and constructive feedback

Group has produced Quality Handbook and Attachments / Control and Communication Manuals in accordance with each business line's specifics. This documentation is adequately circulated and revised constantly.