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Vision & Values

İDA Group is a business enterprise organized in four key business lines, active in several countries, employing several hundreds of professional but most importantly sharing the same principles and values. These values define the group’s position in today’s business world, in terms of business and trade understanding, morals and ethics.

İDA Group’s vision is to become a dominating player in all of its core businesses without sacrificing on quality, ethics, and moral values. İDA Group is committed to stay connected to society for good, caring about the environment and have a special emphasis on health and safety.  On the pursuit of this vision we shall uphold the following values:

Create a professional, secure and satisfactory working environment for the team members. Keep them in a dynamic pace, well trained and assist their development. Measure the performance and criticize yourself if you fail to contribute to measurable progress of employees.

Clients: Never sacrify quality for money, and put yourself in the Client’s shoes. Understand their fundamental needs, develop the business model accordingly and complete any project with the full satisfaction of the Client. Never call any project a reference if this goal is not met.

Business Partners: Always opt for long lasting, win-win kind of business relationships with the partners, service or material suppliers. Never act with financial drives or motives only, and maintain the two way respect and professionalism between parties.

Planet: Think green, plan green and act green. Bear in mind that caring for environment is not only complying with the norms and codes in effect, but also inventing new and innovational ways to further minimize the effect of our activities on the planet. Have your own version of the green building adaptation plan and make sure it is implemented in the Group’s short, mid and long term plans. Minimize or eliminate waste, and carbon footprint.

Safety: No matter how glamorous, technically advanced and financially profitable a project might be, it is a total failure the moment a colleague fails to make his way safe home at the end of the business day.  Be aware, create awareness and use the tools and methods to adequately train your colleagues and business partners on occupational safety.

Ethical and Moral Values: Always conduct business within UN Global Compact mind frame.  Uphold fair employment, fair trade, equal opportunity policies and anti-forced and child-labor. Plan your participation in codes and guidelines such as UN Global Compact, CSR SA 8000 etc in mid/ long term